Location: Budapest IV. District, Tábor utca 20-24.
Planning: 2018-2019
Completion: 2020
Net floor area: 1.580 m2
Photo: Gergely Schöff


In the underutilized area in Tábor utca a continuous development to a multifunctional sport complex has been taken place in the last years. Besides the renovation of existing buildings also new ones have been constructed like the sports hall. The dispersedly placed free-standing buildings on the plot have been made a heterogeneous conglomerate. However, the new hall, partly upon the request of the client, does not want to give additional colours to this picture, rather it is looking for a kinship with its neighbours, therefore the structure and facade material are given. Although the wide span and big height of the structure of the sport court requires a prefabricated concrete hall and the service functions are placed in an adjacent two-storey annex, these form a simple, conjugated, cuboid shape. The white plastered box is covered by a homogeneous, shiny greyish, huge “veil”, that is free-formed and only the area around the main entrance and terrace are showed from under it. The front door is placed behind the parking plot that opens from Tábor street, on a pedestrian axis. A central open-air space, enclosed by the soccer courts, is connected to the head of the building.

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