Location: Budapest V. District, Szervita Square
Planning: 2010-2011
Net floor area: 19.300 m2
Public space: 2.600 m2


MOTEL-ONE SZERVITA TÉR AND PARKING GARAGE (conversion of former OMFB-headquarters and INTERAG-garage)

The complex, built in the 1970s by István Szabó, is suitable to satisfy the requirements of the international chain of hotels without any significant modification in the office wing, by only changing the cells’ content. The blind facades of the parking house, which look strange in the city centre, can be exchanged by new strips of hotel rooms making so-called traditional elevations on all sides of the building block and leave the garage untouched inside. The layout contains 374 rooms, all of them are looking either to the public squares to be renewed or to the landscape-like roof garden on the 8thlevel. The skin of the building, on the one hand, ensues on the original duality of lime-stone cladding and curtain walls, and on the other, plays a reflective-transparent game with itself and the historic built environment.

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