Location: Budapest XII., Sirály utca – Gesztenyéskert
Planning: 2008-2010
Completion: 2011
Net gross area: 6.000 m2
Public space: 6.700 m2
Photo: Bujnovszky Tamás, Zsitva Tibor  (2011)



The site is located in the centre of District XII. between Csörsz Street and Jagelló Street. The programmatic task was to integrate, renovate and develop the two functional units of the MOM Cultural Centre and the sport and leisure area of Gesztenyéskert Park. The program can be divided into two parts: renovating and developing the Cultural Centre included, on the one hand, the restoration and the functional and areal expansion of the National Monument, and on the other hand, the integration of the yet operating organic market on the spot.

The second phase was the revitalization of Sirály Street and Gesztenyéskert: the traffic was replaced by a pedestrian and event area which links the Cultural Centre and the park and covers a three-storey building.

Under the pavement, looking to the park, a restaurant, a multifunctional event space and other public functions took place. Beneath them a two-storey underground parking garage was built. Besides the renewal of the close areas of the park, the extension of pedestrian connections, the facilitating of accessibility, the development of the park’s infrastructure and the reconstruction of near roads and pavements were emphasized. New stairs and ramps help to reach the previously isolated, quasi-submerged park. The facility has a unique environmental-friendly energy supply: heating and cooling energy is produced by the heat-exchanger built on the sewage pipe passing through the site.

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