Location: Budapest XII. District, Kútvölgyi út 4.
Planning: 2021-2022
Floor area: 13.400 m2
General planning: TSPC Kft., Fejér Terv Kft., Fusion Architect Kft.
Architecture: Firka Építész Stúdió Kft.

KÚTVÖLGYI HEALTHCARE CENTRE (North-Central-Buda Center, New St. John’s Hospital and Clinic – ÉKC)

The now obsolete Healthcare Centre (1974, Pázmándi Margit, ÁETV), built as an extension of the historic Central State Hospital of 1943, needed complete renovation. In addition, the building had to be extended with a block for one-day surgeries and integrated into the forming new Central Hospital. The aim of the reconstruction is to create a “healing environment” (with accessibility, clear patient pathways, new interior design), a modern energy block, and the redevelopment of the surrounding infrastructure and public spaces, including the extension of green areas.

The design of the original building was constrained by its relationship with the protected monument and the constructional technology of the time. We did not want to abandon the characteristic, austere form, so we followed the original design in both the existing and the extended parts. The flat part, following the topography, was extended significantly and loosened up with new patios planted with plants, while the height of the building mass and the sculptural character of a single material were retained in the panorama of Buda.

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