Location: Budapest V., Erzsébet Square
Planning: 2013
Completion: 2014
Net floor area: 11.000 m2
Public space: 11.900 m2
Interior design (Akvárium Klub): Somlai Tibor, Somlai Design Studio
Photo: Zsitva Tibor (2014)



After the completion of the first phase of the cultural center and park in 2002, two concert halls, a restaurant and an 800 m2 disponible space were left architecturally unfinished.

It was 2013 when the realization of the second phase finally could start with the completion and reconstruction design process of the unfinished areas. According to the new design program the structurally finished areas were given new functions, such as two multifunctional event halls with a capacity of 1200 and 780 people, dressing rooms, kitchen, storage spaces, service areas and of course all the spaces linked in between were given new interior too. The disponible space was occupied by a multifunctional auditorium, a playhouse and their service areas.

During the reconstruction of the public park above the building, all outdoor furnitures and pavings had been replaced and recovered including the green surfaces. The ’pool’ and the fountains have been replaced, renovated, new humidifier appliances have been installed and the whole square has been revised, more seating and resting areas have been created around and along the pool and walkways, adapting to the new user requirements which has been set in the past 10 years.

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